Volunteers found the remains of mammoths and rhinos near Khanty-Mansiysk.

On September 2, in Khanty-Mansiysk, an expedition of 15 volunteers took part in paleontological excavations at the nature monument of regional importance “Lugovskie mammoths”. The action was organized by the Museum of Man and Nature. Volunteers were representatives of various professions, ages and vocations – from the Director of a construction company to a high school student. The excavations were carried out in a Mammoth stream, which is a viscous clay bog.

“Volunteers helped the expedition not only in the excavations, but also removed the garbage in the study area. If the weather does not let us down, we will take volunteers with us again this weekend. Our doors are always open to volunteers. The Museum has many projects in which you might need their help. In a short time to develop cultural volunteering will be created at the Museum of Nature and Human Center for social innovation in the cultural sphere”, – said the employee of Museum of Nature and Human Ruslan Bogarde.

Along with volunteers, archaeologists and paleontologists have washed away the dirt every find, and studied its values. In addition to various fragments and small fragments of animal bones, a tooth of an ancient rhinoceros, a part of the pelvic bone and a small side bone of a mammoth were found. All of them will become new exhibits of the Museum.

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