Tour operators

LLC “Travel agency” Ugra-TRAVEL “

Address: 26 Engels Str., of. 50

Main directions of activity: domestic tourism, development and organization of tourist destinations of areas: ethnographic, ecological, educational, event, entertainment, sports. River trips on the river. Irtysh.

Director: Titov Tatiana Pavlovna

Phone: +7 (3467) 30-66-68; 30-66-65.

E-mail: info@ugratravel.ru

Website: http://ugratravelhm.ru/

LLC “UgraMegaTur”

Address: 45 Engels str.

Main activities: visiting, event tourism, extreme, ethnographic tourism. Offers educational, individual tours, as well as engaged in registration of visas.

Director: Alexander Sheviakov

Phone: +7 (3476) 312-555,

+7 (982) 560-99-02

Website: http://www.ugramegatur.ru

e-mail: ugramegatur@mail.ru

 LLC “Travel company Ugra Service”

Holding Ugra Service

Address: 32 Komsomolskaya str.

Ugra Service Holding since 1995. Unique Holding that it consists of more than 20 related companies, whose activities are focused on the development of inbound and domestic tourism in the Russian Federation, to attract guests, providing a wide range of services in the hospitality industry.

Director: Svetlana Terekhova

Phone: 8 (3467) 351-017, 351-005, 351-512

E- mail: bron@ugra-service.ru

Website: www.ugra-service.ru

 LLC “Discovery Tour”

Address: Str. Lenin 36.

Domestic and outbound tourism, the formation of tours, guides and translators.

Director: Lyudmila Andreevna Yandukina

Tel: (3467) 35-99-80, (3467) 34-43-50

E-mail: tour-discovery@mail.ru

SP Sumanovsky Gennady

Domestic tourism, the formation stages.

Tel: 89088813080, 8 (3467) 34-30-80

E-mail: Genakl65@yandex.ru

Agency business tourism “TERRA”

Domestic tourism, the formation stages.

Director: Mitin Andrey Yurevich

Phone: 8 (3467) 89028285725

E-mail: terra-sever@bk.ru