The Stelle – memmorable sign “To the pioneers of Ugra land”

Location:   1 Pervootkryvateley str.
Installation date:  2003
Three-sided pyramid of  62 m height. The telle is located on the Komissarskaya  mountain, which height is 110 m. The construction of the monument was carried out from 2002 to 2003.
The interior of the building is made in hi-tech style with the water theme, as a certain character of t
ime and life changes. In each of its three facets there are thematic relief panels, symbolizing different  eras: the ancient period of Ugra, the era of the conquest of Siberia by Ermak and the time when the mass development of oil and gas fields took place. The idea of architects was to resemble Khanty chum an observation tower and a Cossack oil rig in the Stelle.
Before at the lower floor
the restaurant was located, on the second floor there was the museum, observation deck was equipped with on the third floor. Then Stelle came to desolation due to the failure of the tenant to work there. In 2012 the facility turned to the municipality management. And in December 2013 the opening of Exotarium took place.




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