The day of love, family and loyalty in the “Misne”.

In the hotel complex “Misne” on the eve of the day of family, love and fidelity, July 6 congratulate all the newlyweds who will conclude a marriage Union on this day and those couples who did it years earlier.

“On this day we want to arrange a real holiday for all young couples near the wonderful Monument” Lovers”, which was installed on the territory of our hotel complex on July 8, 2015, – says the Director of the hotel complex Ekaterina Sapo. – We invite the newlyweds. In front of the building “Misne” will be organized beautiful Welcome-zone, held a wonderful Russian ceremony for a long and happy life. Guests of the festival will be able to taste our best dishes with a 20% discount.”

According to the organizers, their task is to popularize the Russian Orthodox holiday-the day of memory of saints Peter and Fevronia, who since ancient times were considered in Russia the patrons of family and marriage. And the place of the holiday was chosen not by chance, because the monument “Lovers” has already become a popular place for the newlyweds of the city. No wonder, there is a belief that on the day of the wedding it is necessary to visit the monument “Lovers” and make a wish for a long and happy family life.

The monument was created by sculptors from Moscow, honored artists of Russia and Armenia Vahe and Michael Soghoyan. The composition “Lovers” is a young man and a girl. The young man is the protector of a fragile girl. Their views are directed to the future, the figures are devoid of tension and stiffness. So every couple dreams to live their lives.

July 6, 2018 in the hotel complex “Misne” at the monument “Lovers”, will be another holiday dedicated to the day of family, love and fidelity.

We invite all lovers and those who are going to tie the knot to spend this day with us!

For all questions about the organization and conduct of this event, please contact:

+7 (3467) 32-93-68, 32-93-71
E-mail: misne11@mail.ru

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