Fountain chain «Road to the temple»

Location:  the square of Slavic literature
Installation date:  May 2006
Cascade of 9 fountains  and 23 cups of “The Road to the Temple” is leading to the Church of the Resurrection from the Chekhov street. Since the total height difference over this zone is more than 20 meters the composition is formed as a cascade of 140-meter ladders. They are divided by the running down  creek with fountains and mini-waterfalls. Along the edges of the stairs there are comfortable benches for rest and lights, and the top observation deck has become one of the most popular places for contemplation  in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Along the way to the temple the basic elements of orthodox park are set: in ten water cascades granite steles with texts of Scripture commandments are settled . “Tablets of stone” are arranged the way the viewer, coming uo  stairs, can read all ten oldest Christian laws one after another (do not commit adultery, do not remember the Lord thy name in vain, and so on).

In the middle of the “Road to the Temple” there is paved with granite tiles area “Slavic Literature”, where as if on guard of orthodoxy, is a monument to “the Fathers of the Russian alphabet” – the brothers Cyril and Methodius. There are 144 stages separated from the urban bustle of the holy place, filled with the ringing of bells and prayers.




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