Culture tourist complex “Archeopark”

Location:  area of geological monument “Samarovskiy ostanets”
Installation date:  September 9, 2008

Archeopark” covers an area of ??3.5 hectares and includes a geological monument, archaeological monument” Samarov town “(XI, XIV, XVIII centuries) and the park of sculptures depicting animals of the Pleistocene time and paleolithic humans. A place for the park was not chosen by chance: Archeopark is located at the foot of the so-called Samarovo outcrop, which is a hill of exposed ancient rocks. Samarovsky ostanets is a unique object for a variety of reasons. Firstly, in its environs preserved natural area of ??northern taiga, with its unique landscapes. Second, the small hill real celebrity in the world of science. For more than a hundred years outlier study geologists around the world, and its origin is still a matter of controversy. Thirdly, it is interesting from a historical point of view. On top of the hill is located Samarov town – according to legend, it was the residence of Prince Ostyak Samara, whose name gave the name to this place. However, the first people were here long before that, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds made in the floodplain of the Irtysh River. They also confirm that the parking near the primitive man once roamed these mammoths. In memory of this neighborhood area Archeopark decorate today bronze sculptures of ancient animals. Composition “Mammoths” is a very original way: Giants like just came out from the woods and strode on foot Samarovo hill. In the composition includes seven sculptures – it’s a whole family, headed by the huge growth mamontihoy 8 meters and weighing 70 tons. The smallest member of the procession – mammoth growth of 3 meters. At night, the sculpture clearly visible thanks to a special lighting. Mammoths – only part Archeopark exposure. Apart from these, you can see the prehistoric bison, a pack of wolves, cave bear, woolly rhinos and two primitive people themselves. Today Archeopark became one of the main tourist attractions of the Khanty-Mansiysk and a favorite vacation spot for townspeople. Exposition Park is replenished periodically, in 2010, among the bronze sculptures, new inhabitants – a herd of horses and beavers. The figures of various animals are scaled in different proportions – made from a full-size (rhinos) increased to 2-3 times (for example, bison). Archeopark refers to a structural subdivision of the District Museum of Nature and Man.


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